Ilaria Sponda is an interdependent curator, writer and visual artist based in Dublin. With an educational background in Arts, Media and Cultural Events (IULM, Milan) and Management of the Arts and Culture (UCP, Lisbon), she also chose photography as a medium to bring about her personal artistic research.

Sponda’s curatorial research is inspired by artists that engage with the camera and other media as anthropologists of contemporary society, both on an individual and collective level. Her current research is based in the image culture and how it is affected by global circulations. Within this context, she looks to deconstruct contemporary curating towards a critical mediation of art and its understanding.

As a visual artist, through the use of different languages - photography, poetry, sound, video - she explores the intersection between individual identity and the other. To better comprehend humans' understanding of themselves in relation to life and nature, her research is rooted in the spiritual and subjective experience of events. She often incorporates collected archival or natural materials in her pieces inviting new meanings to be formed through materials, metaphors and subjectivity.


Instagram: @ilariasponda