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25.05 -> 4.06 Tell Us of Pain - Greta Valente Solo Exhibition at Colla Super

Milan, Italy

11.04 -> 14.04 ViaFarini-In-Residence Open Studio - group exhibition

Milan, Italy


19.01 -> 22.01 On Possibilities of Frictions - group exhibition

Dublin, Ireland

PHROOM is thrilled to present On Possibilities of Frictions, an exhibition curated by Ilaria Sponda with works by: Mandy O’Neill, Simone Sapienza, Miguel Brusch, Enda Bowe, Justyna Górniak, Kate Nolan, Antoine Larocque, Garry Loughlin, Nick Ballón, Dara McGrath, Marco Barbieri, Becks Butler, Michael Hicks, Miriam O’Connor, Tito Mouraz, Shia Conlon, Liza Ambrossio, Marisol Mendez, Isabella Convertino, Jamin Keogh, Ludovica De Santis (aka Kamisalak), and Jean-Pierre Attal. 

The exhibition sees twenty-two authors whose practice and situatedness are heterogeneous, dialoguing around the representation of people in the contemporary socialscape and related issues. The locality of Ireland and the views from nine Irish artists emerged as a point of departure to reflect on image circulation and globalisation, whose equal positioning and false promise of democratisation do not permit subjective visions and alternative narratives (yet potential histories) to rise. 

“Speaking of friction is a reminder of the importance of interaction in defining movement, cultural form, and agency. Friction is not just about slowing things down. Friction is required to keep global power in motion. […] Friction inflects historical trajectories, enabling, excluding, and particularising.” (Tsing 2004, 6). Friction, as a form of performative imagination, is able to activate differences and establish a critical image exchange, where the binary notion of local and the global do not exist anymore, but get deconstructed by the simple act of looking and subjectively participating in the event of photography.

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